Remove quantity and Item code


I’m a freelancer and I like invoice plane.

This problem i got is i don’t need quantity and item code in my invoices.

Web Design for and the price

Is there any way i can achieve this ?

Both fields are necessary so you could solve it that way:
Enter “Web Design” as the item code and “for” in the description and just put a 1 in quantity (else the price will not get calculated correctly).

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Thank for the suggestion. I’ll use it for now.Is there any chance to customize this that suitable for IT services business like above requirement?

Well you can always customize display of PDF invoice for user to not include item quantity and code …

For system and others is needed…

So for your own needs customize template in application\views\invoice_templates\pdf copy one of existing ones rename it to your name aka. myinvoice.php and customize it… in \application\views\invoice_templates\public is for web display…

also the same applys to the quotes


but definatly use your names for files, cose update will overwrite if you just change default ones…

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Well that’s great.

If i customized these pdfs after update do i have to change my new created one also?

I means is new update make new changes that can not support old templates?


ths why you have to make a copy of lets say default.php and name it my_custom_invoice.php

after update it will still work if nothing is changed in that part off app…

Maybe you will need to change after version 1.3 or wait for it, cose i think it will support discounts :slight_smile: and after that make your custom templates…