New Installation error when upgrading 5.4 php to 5.6 php

Hello group, so I am doing a brand new installation, running the 5.4 php so it displays the requirements and obviously mentions it needs 5.6 php. So I upgrade to 5.6 php and now I receive the error “No input file specified.”. I go back to 5.4 php and the error goes away and goes back to the set up requirement page. What can be causing the problem? Thanks in advance!


Please search on Google for this error as it’s caused by a wrong configuration of your PHP.

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I did but can’t find a solution, it’s definitely something to do with the php configuration file because the problem occurs when I upgrade from 5.4 to 5.6

I fixed it by removing the indek.php and renaming the .htaccess file. Awesome!


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