Move to Laravel or another framework?

Hi devs,
as you may know Invoiceplane is built with Codeigniter. Some time ago Ellislab, the owner of the framework, announced that they are searching for a new owner because they are not longer interested in developing Codeigniter.
Maybe you also know that Codeigniter is great for applications that should support older environments but it’s not prepared for the future and a complete rewrite would be needed to support newer PHP versions. I actually don’t think that the new owner will rebuild CodeIgniter so I thought about moving Invoiceplane (maybe v2.0) to Laravel. I already worked with Laravel and moving doesn’t seems to be a big problem.
But IP is an open source project and the community should decide if we should stay at Codeigniter or move.

Please vote up with +1 if you agree with Laravel, else leave a comment why not or if you would recommend another framework.
Please leave a comment if you can help developing.