Installation in 000webhost

Hello, i want to install Invoice Plane in a free server for testing (I already install in localhost and all is ok)
But in the server i receive this error:

Hola, me gustaría instalar Invoice Plane en un servidor gratis para pruebas (lo he instalado local y funciona bien) pero en el servidor recibo este error.


please help me!

Seems you did not set the URL in the ipconfig file as described in the wiki.

I did it, but i received the same error0

Hi everyone, i want to install invoiceplane in a web server (free) for testing. I already install in local host and works!
But, wen i tried to install in the web server, i receive redirection to this:


my config file is this, i already put the direction in IP_URL
please, i need a person that can and want to help me!
I don’t now why my url show that direction in numbers when i try to use it.

Please do not create new topics for an existing problem.
When in doubt, contact your hosting provider.

It is not redirection.

If you look at the picture you posted it says

Therefore the browser cannot connect to your server.

Contact your provider to learn how to set up your site.

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@Carlos_Luis_Aguilar maby you should look into your error log first