Adding custom fields in invoices


I Have created custom fields for the items in the invoice. It works fine.
But when I add a new row it doesn’t show all the cells.

I send a picture where you can see.

Is there any way to solve this?

Thanks so much

What exactly did you do there and what do you want to achieve? Custom fields are not supported within the items table at the moment…

Thanks for your quick answer.
I have modified table invoice_items. I’ve added some fields in there.
Then I’ve modified a couple of archives in folder modules/invoices.

It works great when I save the invoice. The only problem is when I try to add a new row or a new article.
The cells where I have to write the information I want don’t appear. Like in the photo.
I mean. I have 11 fields to fill in the invoice. When I add a new row or product only appear 6 fields in the row recently created.

Thanks again.

You also have to edit the empty table row:

It worked perfect!
Thank you so much!

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