How to Install an Add-on


I read there:
Log into your account at and download the add-on package to install.

After carefully browsing the whole site I could not find a login page. And I would like to try the Time Tracking Add-on. Can anybody help me with that?

fyi: We are testing our Dutch (Nederlands) translation now. We will share it soon.


Please notice that the app is in alpha stage and the wiki may not be up-to-date at the moment.
There are no add-ons available.
The time tracking module will be implemented in a later version.

Please visit for translations.


@JeroenSP did you manage the testing of the dutch translations and would you like to upload It? For me it doesn’t matter, but it’s nice to have a good dutch translation for invoiceplane2


I translated the 2.0 version. They are not online. If you want I can email it to you.


I’ve sent my email address in a private message


Is there any date for the add-on release?


Together with version alpha 2