[v2.0.0-alpha.1] Setup Error


I’m a FusionInvoice user for sometime now. I’m glad that it’s been taken over. :slight_smile:

My issue is that when trying to install v2.0 I get this error.
{“exception”:“SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: PDO::ATTR_STATEMENT_CLASS requires format array(classname, array(ctor_args)); the classname must be a string specifying an existing class (SQL: select * from ip_addons where enabled = 1 order by name asc)”}
I’m using PHP v7.0, if I update to v7.2 everything works fine but in the process of upgrading to v7.2 it broke some of my sites and an existing FI setup. So I reverted back to v7.0.

Does anyone have a simple fix for this issue?


I had the same issue with my other sites. I switched to 7.1 and don’t seem to be having a problem.

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Great I’ll give v7.1 a try and hope nothing breaks. :smiley:
Thanks for the info…

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