Price based on Unit amount & Import PO details from XLS or Docx or API

Hello, I’m new to InvoicePlane,

I love the project, and i’m so excited to make it fit to our requirements

1- I would love to see the availability of having different price based on the amount of units
say from 1 to 50 unit -> item cost 1000 , from 51 to 100 -> item cost 900 and etc

2- We use a form to send for our client in order for them to select what they need ( docx file contains text fields and id values ) , and based on this selection we generate the PO for it

i can make the input to InvoicePlane by different way other than Docx or xls using API,or Scripting to send Post request for PHP engine or what ever the idea can be

Last Update: 2018-06-28