How To Split split the tax in to 2?

Hello , i want to split the tax in to 2 . like if tax amount is 1000 i need to split it into 2 = 500 each in name .

GST 1,000

SGST 500
CGST 500

please give me code how to use it .

Hey @vjack,

You can write it yourself.
Go to the PDF template and write some PHP.

You only need to put the tax in a variable and split it

if ($tax < "999") {
$tax1 = $tax / 2;
$tax2 = $tax / 2

Thank For Your Support Sir. Will try this today and update you back. :+1:t2:

Can You Please provide full code
? i dont know PHP that good.

You had a month to learn, check :wink:

It’s opensouce so you have to deal it yourself