Upgrade to v1.5.9 issues

After upgrade to v1.5.9 from v1.5.8, the dashboard section “Quote Overview” and “Invoice Overview” showing no data for “This Month”. However there are invoices and quotation. But no data on the dashboard.


Hm are you sure there is data for this month (means June !).
Maybe go in the settings and change “this month” for the overview to this year to see if it changes ?

Thanks for the reply, I did tried to change the default view to “This Quarter”, I could able to view the data. The feature works on the creation date. Thank for the help.

Kindly help me with the below error:
Sometimes I get 502 error, hosted on Nginx webserver as reverse proxy, below is the log:

“upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream”

URL: https://mydomain.com/billing/setting

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You !!

There is a lot of google subject about it, it’s more a misconfiguration of nginx than InvoicePlane bugs

See for example :

Moreover I think you can have some help with this post :