InvoicePlane 2 - Discussion & Feature Requests

Dear Community,

you may read the announcement that FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2. Therefore I opened this thread to provide a single place for discussion, ideas and feature requests dedicated for version 2.

As explained in the announcement we will try to migrate all useful features of version 1 into version 2. Additionally we will implement some new features that are already planned for version 2.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the app, your ideas and wishes.

Great news Kovah, I’ve used FI for about 4-5 years now and have some of my customers using it as well so it feels good that you could pick up the project and continue the development.

Here is some of my daily issues:

  1. When using SMTP you should be able to set the senders email as well. Now you set everything up and then it uses your login email as sender. I would like to use one email address as sender (eg.

  2. When sending an invoice you can choose to send it to your customer or yourself. You can’t enter a custom email in the to, cc or bcc field.

  3. Minor future: When sending an invoice the javascript that handles the to, cc and bcc field isn’t in the language file at the moment so you can’t translate it.

  4. It would be nice if we could disable compound tax completely in settings.

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There is an old request that I suggested long ago and would be great to have in the v 2.0.

Draft invoices should get the number whenever are confirmed, not created. That means if I have a project I can invoice all the stages according to the budget and leave the invoices in draft mode.
They can be in draft mode for days, weeks or months or as long as needed, and when you’re ready to invoice, then is the moment to give them a number (as well as date) in the invoicing sequence.

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That feature is already available. Search for " Generate the invoice number for draft invoices" in the system settings and set it to “No”.

Amazing! :heart_eyes:

Then we just need the migration tool :grin:

Looks like a good idea.

Can you give some guide lines on installing it?

I had a quick go and just get the following error.
{“exception”:“SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: PDO::ATTR_STATEMENT_CLASS requires format array(classname, array(ctor_args)); the classname must be a string specifying an existing class (SQL: select * from addons where enabled = 1 order by name asc)”}

The server is Apache and running PHP version 7.0.30 invoicepalne 1.5.9 is working fine on the same server.

Try setting to PHP 7.2. Seemed to work for me

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Hello daniel89fg,
I’m an existing FusionInvoice user and so far love the program! There are a few fundamental (general work flow) walls I run into when working up a job but have managed to get by. I run a small computer repair business and I’m (extremely interested) in implementing some features with regard to warehouse, inventory, nothing CRAZY but just something simple with fields for more detail. I have in my mind some very standard (ideas).

Inventory; records that have fields for vendor, manufacture, part number, model number, sn number, then my cost and sales cost. (when billing it to an invoice or quote, only the sales price shows)

QUOTE: when working up a QUOTE, this inventory line items should be able to be added, right now its not possible.

HIDE RECORDS, the ability to HIDE all completed jobs/paid invoices and only show all non closed tickets/jobs including draft quotes, draft invoices, sent invoices, over due invoices…

Help Ticket, sometimes I don’t bill for support but would like to document the time and information/job notes. the invoice should be able to be saved/closed like a help desk ticket.

I moved your post to this thread, think it fits better.
Will try to take care of all your issues but I can’t promise anything.

However: InvoicePlane 2 will have support for add-ons so any developer could extend the application later on. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for very fast reply. I literally have been struggling for 15 years to keep track and document my work with my clients. I have built a MS ACCESS database with over 400 clients, and many jobs under each client… but i didn’t always have my laptop with me to keep it up to date…this self hosted system model was that answer, and Fusioninvoice is AWESOME because its not a MONSTER BLOB like sugarCRM, its very clean and simple, I just need a few more features… The UI is very nice but needs some more features to track and account for inventory… I wish I could program, I’d be spending many many days staying up to 4am…

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This is great news. I’ve been a FusionInvoice user for years. Is there a guide to migrating existing live FusionInvoice 2018-08 sites to the new InvoicePlane 2? I’ve just attempted it using a combination of FusionInvoice’s Upgrade documentation, and InvoicePlane’s documentation but it resulted in a grand fail with SQL errors all over the place. Thanks!


Nope. There is no way to upgrade. InvoicePlane 2 is still in development. We will notify the community once an upgrade is available.

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That’s good news!

One feature I would like to be implemented is to have 2 taxes on the expenses. This was already possible on the invoice part of fusion invoice and it would be nice to have it on the expenses part as well.

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How about PRs/new features for version 2?
I mean, if I want to provide a German translated version should I just create a PR in GitHub or first create an issue and you decide if this is a feature you want to implement?

The initial setup of the whole process is still in progress.

But about translations: once I cleaned up the existing language files I will upload them to our Crowdin Translation repository. You can import and translate them afterwards. More information to come later.

We made very good experiences with Crowdin for InvoicePlane 1 and I would like to use it for version 2 too.

I want to propose a feature where for every PDF there is a possibility to also attach an UBL/XML invoice. In today’s invoicing landscape this is a must have feature. It would also require that the admin can choose the UBL standard/format. More info here: and validation can be done here

Also, I was wondering if it’s a good idea to gather feedback on most wanted features? It’s possible to do that with something like Uservoice or Trello. User would be able to vote on most wanted features. The most wanted features can than be reviewied by the dev team.

I am looking forward to your reply on those two idea’s.