InvoicePlane 2.0 from FusionInvoice

A version 2.0 with some improvements is planned and wanted by the community.

This project started as a fork of Fusion Invoice, but FI made a whole refactory of the code and went to privative license, which made impossible to fork it again.

Now the original author announced that he’s gonna stop developing FI 2.0 and could lauch it as FOSS.

Makes totally sense for me that this community takes his work and keep working from there instead of making a new program from scratch.

What do you think? @Kovah

Yes, I saw the post some days ago and was very sad that Jesse discontinued his work. And yes, I also consider taking over the codebase as InvoicePlane 2 and continue developing the software.

There are some things I have to evaluate and I already wrote Jesse about that. If there is no new maintainer chances are high that incorporation of the code under the InvoicePlane flag might happen.

If so, we can take all the things we learned from IP 1 and the current roadmap for version 2 to continue improving FusionInvoice.

Edit: What do @Developers and @Contributors think about this?

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(I didn’t receive any notification … :smiley:)
Why not I’m not against, we just need to not lose IP users with these changes. So a good path from IP to FusionInvoice need to exist ;).
Any repo with the source code from FusionInvoice to have a look on how it works (PM or slack if you don’t want to disclosure it in public)


Here you go:
Everything prepared for the alpha launch in the next days. More details to come.

Amazing!! All our dreams came true :slightly_smiling_face:

I clicked in the demo (from the readme) but it’s still IP 1.x. Would be great to have a live demo to suggest some features.

Also I think a migration tool will be needed. I’m not a developer and can’t help there but I suggest a crowdfunding to boost it up. I’ll be the first one to donate :slight_smile:

PS: I remember also Fusion Invoice had a community website with lots of plugins and templates from third parties. I’m open to pay for some features as long as they remain opensource (yeah, it’s compatible). In the end, developers need their rewards too.

Release of the “new” InvoicePlane version aka FusionInvoice will be announced in the following days. Waiting for Feedback from Jesse about the migration of the project. It will be announced by both IP and FI when everythings ready.

Crowdfunding sounds good but wouldn’t help me with the work. Because money can’t buy me additional time. However, a migration tool is definitely a must-have so existing IP users don’t get lost.
but expect the whole process to take its time.
More details in the upcoming announcement.

Keep calm and continue invoicing. :smile:

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Crowdfunding (as well as paid plugins or templates) can hepl to add more resources, developers and community able to work for the project.
I can help with translations, mockups, feedbacks and definitely in a crowdfunding project in order to make it faster and better for everyone.
Anyway, it’s your call :wink:

Just published the official announcement for the incorporation: FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2 :tada:

Edit: We may continue the discussion in the announcement thread or the discussion thread.

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