Client with muliple email addresses


perhaps some one can assist me , I have a client that uses 2 email addresses one for accounts and 1 for the accounts manager

how can I add multiple emails to the clients details ?

I tried email1 ; email2
as well email1 , email2

not sure if this can be done though any help would be great

thank you

multiple email addresses are currently not supported for client details.
You could create special email templates for your client where you can pre-fill the CC field with the account manager’s address.

odd its working if I

email1 , email2

so that’s

seems to work perfectly fine

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I need to add multiple email addresses for the client when emailing invoices. I used to be able to put a comma between each one and that worked but it has stopped working recently. I know get a warning when I try to email an invoice with more than one email address.

Original topic with solution:

I have just tried it on my production installation running v1.5.9 and it works both,

  • with “space + comma + space” in between email addresses as reported in the solution post, and
  • with just a comma and without spaces between the email addresses.

Can post the content of the warning message?

Also, just to make sure, are you running v1.5.9?

Thanks for this answer! It helped me today!