Error 500 while creating new invoice

I have a problem to create a invoice many data sometimes it works mostly not i run version : 1.5.9

Google chrome console :

dependencies.min.js?v=1.5.9:1 POST 500 (Internal Server Error) send @ dependencies.min.js?v=1.5.9:1 ajax @ dependencies.min.js?v=1.5.9:1 _.(anonymous function) @ dependencies.min.js?v=1.5.9:1 (anonymous) @ VM265:57 dispatch @ dependencies.min.js?v=1.5.9:1 m.handle @ dependencies.min.js?v=1.5.9:1

Please post the application logs as described in the FAQ.

I try :

$config[‘log_threshold’] = IP_DEBUG ? 2 : 1;

Changed to

$config[‘log_threshold’] = 4 ? 2 : 1;

Does nothing or do i something wrong ?

Enable the debug mode by replacing ‘ENABLE_DEBUG=false’ with ‘ENABLE_DEBUG=true’ in the ipconfig.php file.


Kovah sorry got some problems with my connection… i enabled now when i see the problem i will send you the log


Can you help me please

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What date format are you using? Maybe try the default 14-Jun-2018 and see if you still get error

Already used that

Some one ?

Error 500 type errors are mostly related to the web server config. Try looking at the web server logs for hints.

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@robert did you manage to solve the problem?
Do you have access to your apache error logs or do you have to keep asking the hosting provider?
When you get a 500 error it’s usually a timeout while sending data to the client, usually more than 5 minutes, then timeout.
Can you re-create an error log? The error should be in there