"Dark Mode" CSS


I do a lot of work at night and the bright white bothers my eyes quite a bit so I’ve attached a custom.css with a black/red based theme if anyone is interested!

custom.css (492.4 KB)

(Edited to include custom.css instead of a core file!)


Just for reference: there is an extra custom.css for style modifications that won’t affect future updates and won’t break the application.

If you could move your single modifications into that file, everybody could use it without problems.

Thanks for your work! :+1:


Thank you Kovah, I will look into that and re-post with a corrected file! I also have a bunch of tweaks to make, there are some text boxes etc. that still have black text on a black background lol!


I just noticed on the invoice page that the overdue and paid images still had a bit of white in them so I doctored them up as well as put a white stroke on the official InvoicePlane logos so they’d look better on a black background - is there an appropriate directory to place these or would this be a scenario where I’d have to overwrite core files after updates?