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Hi InvoicePlaners!

We all know that currently, creating or modifying invoice templates can be very time consuming. I am just wondering if any other InvoicePlaners would be willing to share any of the templates that they have created?

Perhaps we can create somewhere for us to upload our templates for others to download/use and grow the template library to give new users a little more choice?


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Moved the post to a new category called “Template Sharing”. Let the sharing begin!

I thought I might kick this off with one that I am working on at the moment for my own business. It’s not quite ready for sharing yet as I have customised it quite heavily for my own purposes and removed some of the standard fields before I had considered sharing it. I will add them back in before I submit it for others to use and if the colours don’t suit, they are easily changeable in the CSS.

This is just the quote/estimate template so far:

Happy templating InvoicePlaners!   :+1: :beer:


Looks cool, could you add this template in a new thread then? :slight_smile:

I did try to but the Template category wasn’t showing up for me?

https://community.invoiceplane.com/c/templates Can you access the category?

Yep, all working now! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey kcdigital,
This template looks great!
Have you been able to look into this so you can share your template?

Hey ,@kcdigital can you share the template so other can use it as well.

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Hi All,

Sorry that I’ve been out of touch for a while, lots of life stuff happening. I’m going to start the template from scratch now that there have been a few upgrades since I created it and then I’ll upload and share it.


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thanks @kcdigital