Payment Gateway other than PayPal

Please I would like to integrate another payment gateway to IP. Can anyone guide me into doing this?

New payment gateways will be available in InvoicePlane 2.
It would be a lot of work to include a new gateway into v1 so I don’t think somebody will accept this task. :confused:

I understand. I just wanted guidance on where the necessary variables can be gotten from in the database so I can retrieve the variables I need to feed the API. Also required is how to make the switch in the settings to display fields for the new gateway I intend putting on. I will look through though. Thanks.

InvoicePlane uses the CI-Merchant Library for PayPal payments.
You can find the base code in /application/libraries/merchant.php.
How the library is used can be found in /application/modules/guest/controllers/payment_handler.php

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