Improve Client information

We’ve been using IP for a while, and there’s a few suggestions we’d like to share with the community. First of them is related with the Client Information.

Looks like it’s oriented more to people than companies, when most of invoicing programs should have at least, both options.

Also there is a lot of wasted space and some fields not so common (like fax number).

Attached you can find my proposal, which I believe is more elegant and universal than the one using now. Also separates company from contact, so can send emails to someone who belongs to a company.

Any feedback will be welcome too. I’ll be posting other suggestions soon :slight_smile:

Last Update: 2018-05-05

Definitely something for InvoicePlane 2. Clients will be overhauled anyway.

Clients will now be companies by default. They can have multiple contact persons. This will include a completely new client screen.

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Is there a roadmap for v2? Maybe I can help with mockups and ideas.

I’m not a developer, tho I’m looking for someone to improve somethings in IP v1.5.x

There is no actual timed roadmap but a list of features that should be included: and

Please take a look at this: InvoicePlane 2.0 from FusionInvoice /

Hi gnacho, where do you edit this? I want to do the same you do.

I’m using Inkscape.

Sory, I tought you had modified the source php file. I wanted to know which is that file.

Does someone knows wich php file modify for making this changes?

You would edit and remove the fields you don’t want here:


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Thank you !