No option to delete invoices

I recently installed InvicePlane on our new hosting company and when I first installed it I had the option to delete all invoices that were not paid. The settings are set to read only when the invoice is paid so I get not being able to have the option to delete Paid invoices. And yesterday I successfully deleted an invoice. The option to delete displayed in the options section of the invoice dashboard.

This morning I went to delete test invoices that were sent but not paid and there is no longer the delete option on any of the invoices even ones that have not been sent or paid.

The invoiceplane version is 1.5.9 and PHP version is 7.

Please advise.

I checked it here and see that concepts can be deleted but sent invoices can’t. In a production environment this is okay in my opinion.
If you are testing and want to delete some test invoices you could change the following settings in the file ipconfig.php temporarily to true.

# Enable the deletion of invoices

# Disable the read-only mode for invoices

Thank you! It worked!!!

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