"Quote to Invoice" create wrong ID?

It seam to me that in 1.2.1 version IDs on invoice (created from quotes) are not “calculated”.


I have an invoice:

then I create a quote and it got the ID: QUOTE2015-0000000.
If I ”Quote to Invoice" the Invoice get the ID: INVOICE2015-0000000 and not 0000002

“Next Invoice ID” before “Quote to Invoice” was expecting “2”.

part of the problem is that every quote get QUOTE2015-0000000

Could you please share the configuration of the quote group with us?

Name: Preventivo predefinito
Identifier formatting: PRE{{{year}}}-{{{id}}}
Next ID: 5
Left Pad: 30

Invoice Groups can only be 20 characters long. Cut it down to 8 and you are good to go.

oh! so I misunderstood the Italian translation!

The Italian translation is: “Spaziatura a sinistra” that seam to me like Left Margin (on the PDF)
In fact I was a bit confused about why that configuration was there! :blush:

Thank you


Added a bug report for this problem: IP-277

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