Disable quote deletion

Hi, anyone have any idea on how can I disable quote deletion in ipconfig.php

There is a line is ipconfig.php to disable invoice deletion as follow:

# Enable the deletion of invoices

How about disable quote deletion?

Thanks in advance.

Disabling quote deletion is not implemented yet.

thanks for your reply Kovah.

Back to code below:

Enable the deletion of invoices


This only workable when the invoice is paid in full, can I make no deletion at all even though the invoice is in draft status?

Sure you could do that with some code modifications. Even if I don’t know why you would want to prevent deletion of draft invoices?

prevent deletion is a way to monitor the sales person, some sales might delete the quote after they send the quote to customer, perhaps they wanted to do other deals. just a precaution.

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Hi Kovah,

Can you share the code to prevent deletion for draft invoice?

an option to modify true or false like a piad invoice would be great.