Invoiceplane 1.5.9 & php5.6

I’ve Invoice Plane 1.5.9 locally running OK with PHP 7 (upgrade done from previous IP version)
Now I’d like to install IP on a distant server which uses PHP 5.6 but I can’t get it t work
When I go to the URL “” the url changes to
and I got the error “File not found.”
When I go to the URL “” the url doesn’t change but I still got the same “File not found” error.

I’ve modified the .htaccess and ipconfig.php to accommodate the subdirectory and the https.

Does IP definitely needs PHP 7 now? Could the error be linked to PHP version ?


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The problems you describe have nothing to do with PHP but with your web server configuration. Please check if you have correctly set the full URL in your ipconfig file. Try to disable the htaccess file if it’s not working.

[solved] Great,
Deleting the .htaccess file solved it.

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