New Invoice with new Customer

We love InvoicePlane but miss a very important thing. If we create a new invoice we only have the chance to use a exsiting customer. Its not possible to create new customer during new invoice process. We read the doc and there is also mentioned to can do that but its not working. If we write new customer name (not exsiting one and press enter or tab the text will deleted/ignored.

Has anyone a idea to fix that or activate it? A help would be very great

I noticed this issue as well … i swear you could do it in the demo but after posting i re-tried and i couldn’t…

It just means you gotta create the customer first before you invoice. … minor inconvenience but least it doesn’t break things :wink:

This is intentional to make sure that the whole process from the quote to the invoice to the payment is consistent. If you add a client from an invoice you won’t have an email saved to send your document to the client directly. Just an example.

We will improve the whole process in version 2 so please share all your ideas on how to make this better. :slight_smile: