Installing Invoice Plane in a subdomain

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie trying to install InvoicePlane and am getting some errors. please help.

Find my link below to see the database error. Thanks

did you followed the official installation guide?

Hi ajoe

I looked at the link but it looks as though you have removed Invoice Plane from that location?

I recently installed in a subdomain and followed the extra instructions given for installing into a sub-directory.
The instructions advised to change this line in .htaccess

RewriteBase /

I found that changing it to “RewriteBase /sub-directory” ended up causing errors. Once I returned it to the default above, everything worked fine.

I think that although you are technically installing into a sub-directory, the fact that you have created a subdomain pointing to that directory, Invoice Plane treats it as the base directory.

If this is the case, perhaps the documentation can be clarified a bit better?

Anyway, I hope this helps.

A subdomain SUBDOMAIN.your is not the same as a sub directory so you should not change the RewriteBase.

Hello kcdigital,

thank you so much for your help. I followed your instructions and it worked!

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