Custom Fields Being Clear


Is there any way of you guys showing us a tutorial in full in how to implement the custom fields? Like a Youtube Video or something as there are a lot of conflicting issues.

Invoiceplane is a good bit of kit but to be able to use it to its full capacity we need to know how to customise it.

In my years of coding, to declare a custom field one must first declare the variable. Where in invoiceplane do we do this? What File? Wiki doesnt tell us this.

Example…Invoiceing System for a Vehicle Repair Centre…

  1. Setting, add custom fields for ex; Make, Model, Plate Number, Mileage, and a text field for next service due…(All this goes under the client right?)
  2. Declare the variable (In What File?)
  3. Echo or Print the custom field where you want it paced inthe invoice template. (What File?)

What if we would like this on the quote or an email…we need clear concise documentation on how to do this or we are going around in cirlces…

Sorry for my frustration but there is no real document for dummies anywhere on how to do this.


There are two sections for custom fields in the wiki:

  1. How to add custom fields:
  2. How to display them in your PDF templates:

But it is not clear…what file and where do we declare the variable?


Can you upload a video showing us how?

Ive added the follwing in custom fields in the settings

Make (Client)
Model (Client)
Plate (Client)
Mileage (Client)
Next Service Due (Client)

That bit has already been done. Its the displaying of it in the invoice that is the issue

Its ok i solved it.

i did the

<?php print_r($invoice); ?>
<?php print_r($custom_fields); ?>

Works a treat! Sorry.

But for an average user it is pretty daunting if they dont understand it. A Full tutorial wold surely help them :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I have absolutely no time to create any video tutorials. I don’t even have the time to properly update the wiki with all new features.

I needed the tutorials for this too