The position of Company -Client details switching..How to?


When i create a pdf, on the left side i see the Client, right side i see my company’s details.
How to switch them? I have written first

as second in
But they are still same even the first div is about company.

So shortly, i want Company on the left, Client on the right side of PDF.

Any fix?

How can i change the localization of Client and Company fields on invoice template?

The thing is that the styling is provided by CSS.

So the easiest thing is to switch the content of the <div id="client"> element with the content of the <div id="company"> element but not the elements itself.


i m new user, but i know little bit css and html.
I have used float:left and right and it worked. So easy :slight_smile:
Thank you


can you share the code please? i´m not so good with css customization.


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