Unable to Update from 1.54 to 1.58

I am having trouble updating my installation of invoiceplane.

I followed all the steps listed here

1. Make a backup of your database and all files! This is very important to prevent any data loss.
  1. Download the latest version from InvoicePlane.com.
  2. Copy all files to the root directory of your InvoicePlane installation but do not overwrite the following files:
     The ipconfig.php file
     Customized templates in the application/views/ folder
     The files for custom styles: assets/core/css/custom.css and assets/core/css/custom-pdf.css
    1. Open http://yourdomain.com/index.php/setup and follow the instructions. The app will run all updates onit’s own.
  3. Login again and check if everything is working.

so I get this message An Error Was Encountered

The setup is disabled.

How do I re enable the setup its 3am almost and I am out of ideas i havent updated this thing in a while so now im royally fubared at 3am i tried index.php couldnt find FA about setup being disabled… HELP PLEASE This is the one thing i hate about this app trying to back track something i did 5 or 8 months ago. I dont remember and google isnt helping me either. I re wrote index.php but thats not fixing it… Where or what file do i have to type or edit setup to enable?. system? application? assets?

just to re-cap this does not work after overwriting the specific files mentioned when updating


ive updated in the past ive checked a few folders and im out of ideas of what the hell i am looking for to enable setup so i can continue to update my version to 1.5.8

Open the ipconfig.php file and set replace DISABLE_SETUP=true with DISABLE_SETUP=false

thank you thank you kovah!!! total brainfart in the morning… im all upgraded thank you. Any chance there will be support for barcodes in the future?.

What kind of barcodes? where?

Hi either the footer or at the top of the page, QR code or ean is fine. The inventory of products would help if a barcode feature was available

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