Email template adding signature

I added a signature in the body of my email templates by using an image tag (and some styling) and everything looks great, but when I want to send an invoice or a quote (added it to both) everything underneath and including the image doesn’t appear in the email.

Kind regards,

logo and other info not showing after that.

In the email template it all looks fine.

Has anybody an idea how else to add a signature to an email?

Thank you very much.

This highly depends on how you do this. InvoicePlane currently does not support all HTML and CSS for emails. Wrong elements may break your email.

What are the HMTL and CSS that invoicePlane doesn’t support?

I tried this:

< div class=“signature”>
< div class=“logo”>
< a href=“www.companyname”>< img src="/assets/core/img/logo.png">
< /div>
< div class=“company-info”>< h3>name< /h3>< div>position< /div>< br>ph: phonenumber< /div>
< /div>

Any suggestion how I can get a similar one to work with existing supported HTML and CSS (I wanted to use flex here)?


Could you please provide a correct code sample?
Please surround your code with three backticks:


to make it look correctly.

No worries, Kovah. I forgot which signs I had to use in order for this to show properly.
Thanks for reminder :wink:

<div class="signature">
<div class="logo">
<a href="www.companyname"><img src="/assets/core/img/logo.png"></a>
<div class="company-info"><h3>name</h3>< div>position</div><br>ph: phonenumber</div>

How do I have to add the image in order for it to show in the email?


You have to use the full URL. Also always add the alt tag to images.

<img src="" alt="Company Name">

<img src="" alt="Company Name">

That’s right, thanks, but unfortunately it still doesn’t work.

My image path is correct. I tested it in the browser.

The image tag on its own doesn’t work either. I tried to use the img without any other surrounding tags ( div and a tag).

Is the tag missing in the sent email?

Yes, the img tag is missing as well as everything below it.

Okay, may have to check this.

By the way: the email templates will change completely with version 1.6 so it may be worth waiting if the logo is not working correctly and replace the image with text.

Okay, I might just do this.

When are you planning to release the version 1.6?

Thank you anyway. I really appreciate your work :smiley:!

No release date available yet, but should be within the next month.

sorry for my English ,
To create an HTML signature attached in the emails sent automatically for quotes / invoices, you create a customizable “User” field,
In “user option”, in this created field: you put a character at random.
Access your MySQL database, → your database → ip_user_custom table edit the corresponding line and there in the “user_custom_field value” zone you can paste the complete HTML code of your email signature with images / links / etc.
Then in the email template you will just have to insert the personalized field that you created at the top. For me it works very well.