Error uploading multiple files at once (invoice or quote)


When you are in a budget or invoice, it does not matter which one. If I try to upload several files at the same time I can not, it fails and only the first file is uploaded. Also when uploading a file correctly, when I want to upload another file I can not and I get an error, I must update the page with F5 to continue uploading files.

I have version 1.5.8 and it happens to me since version 1.5.4. What is the problem?.

Help me please

Added a ticket:

Please upload single files for now until the problem is fixed.

Uploading individual files is also a problem. You have to upload a file, refresh page (F5) and upload another file, and refresh page (F5), as always.

Error 403 or 303 upload file, multiple or simple. Disable $config[‘csrf_protection’] = env(‘CSRF_PROTECTION’, false); upload ok only file simple.

Please notice that this is a security setting. Disabling this is highly discouraged.

Yes I know. But it is the only way that file upload works (always one at a time). This is a failure that I can not find.

It seems that the problem is with CSRF and Dropzone. Please any idea of the problem ?, I urge a lot :frowning:

I have managed to solve the problem of uploading single or multiple files. But the preview of the photos does not work well. Show the photo when you want randomly every time you update the web (f5).

You may open a pull request for your fix, I may have a look at it later.

I have uploaded the files, but it still has errors.

Hi I cannot find your contribution with the fix. Please provide link or info