Multiple Installs?


Just wondering is it possible to install Invoice Plane more than once on a web server, if not is there anyway to multi-tenant the database?



I think you can do it installing them in different directories and configuring them with different databases.

For the multi-tenant configuration… I don’t know.

Thanks for your reply, iv installed 2 copies fine, but when i install the 3rd and modify the HTacess file, it throws the other 2 installs off.

Anybody have a solution ?


Could you share your current configuration please?
I mean the directories and how you set up the installations.

i would suggest you to install in diferent subdomains, it should help, and i think it will be easier for you to manage

I have managed to get 4 copies installed, all linking to the correct database. Its set out like this;

For some reason 2 of the installs have HTaccess files in the sub, EG

Is there an easier way to install the program multiple times easier than this, as i have ran into a few problems getting the 4 installs working.


Well it should work with this setup when you follow the wiki article for sub directories and change the htaccess files in each directory. E.g. should have RewriteBase /invoice_plain_1 and so on.
And when you open each directory a new setup should start.