How To Run Invoice Plane project in php-desktop-chrome?

when i try to run with php desktop chrome, it’s not working.
please help me !

First, what do you mean with “php desktop chrome” and second please read the FAQ. There is a small guide on how to post proper support topics. “it’s now working” is not helpful at all.

php-desktop chrome is a one type of browser. It is useful for running php project as desktop application .

You best run it online on a domain or you can use a tool like MAMP or local by flywheel to use it offline.

Use Wamp if you are in Windows. I hope your question is how to use invoice plane in local host.

not a server problem. i want to use this application as desktop application,not in browser.
phpdesktopchrome is one type of browser and run with any localhost server, but it looks like a Desktop application.

Oh gotit you mean a hybrid app. Unfortunately I have not tried that! Will test it and let you know.

Can you please send me the error message you are facing? A snapshot would help.

Thank you for helping me Sir…

The clue is in the error message…

The permissions are wrong on the folder ‘c:\windows\temp’

Check your permissions on that folder or specify a new temp folder in the php configuration (I am not familiar with the software you are using but it’s a generic error message).

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Yeah that’s True it’s a Permission issue!

It’s a permissions issue. Please give ownership permission to files.

Also try Electron it’s same as Php desktop

Yes, it works. i give permission to that folder and it works.
Thank You…

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