How can i edit the home Menus like client,Quotes,Invoice

hello i want edit the home menus like client invoice payments,task,reports,
i searched files but i am not getting so anyone can suggest me where will be this file found

Hi, I think you should be able to make an override for the translation in application/language/[your-language]/custom_lang.php

no i don’t want to change language

i don’t want to add clients functionality. how can i remove it i mean where is this file

Sorry, I misunderstood your first question and i cannot help you changing the menu structure.

I see the menu-links are in: application/modules/layout/views/includes/navbar.php. Maybe this will help.

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If you’re wanting to change the top menu then this is the file that contains those links:


@Benny54 that’s correct.

thank you Benny54 and nmay1990 i got it

any one knows or have some idea how to login multiple website at time… like when we login google gmail we also logged on for keep,google maps, youtube etc

i want to user login with my webiste and invoice plane at time

This can not be done ‘out of the box’ and would require some custom code modification.

This may help you along the way: How to Create SSO between InvoicePlane & WordPress Site

Hey guys,can you help me? i need to add a new type of invoice, any idea where to find the file to add it?

Can you provide a bit more details as what you really want to do?