A Database Error Occurred (when creating new users)

Hi all.
Since updating to 1.5.5, every time I try and add a new user to the system I get the following error.

A Database Error Occurred
Error Number: 1054

Unknown column ‘user_all_clients’ in ‘where clause’

SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS ip_users.* FROM ip_users WHERE user_all_clients = 1 ORDER BY ip_users.user_name

Filename: core/MY_Model.php

Line Number: 88

The user does add ok and if I just go back to the main screen, I can create an invoice for them - I just wondered if anyone knew why it happened?

Many thanks.

Please search the forum before posting, this was a known issue with that release.

The issue was fixed in 1.5.6…However please upgrade to the newest version 1.5.7.

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Hiya, I did search the forum, but didn’t realise the topics come back in a random order rather than date specific.
It’s only once I changed to recent posts that I saw it had been posted. Apologies.