Auto Send Future Invoices


Hi, I’m looking at switching over to InvoicePlane, I have version 1.5.6 installed and the cron setup.

All of my invoices are spread throughout the year and then recur annually - I have set them all up as recurring invoices in InvoicePlane, but how do I get the very first invoice to send on the invoice date? Example - I have an invoice with an invoice date of 1st March so I want it to automatically send on the 1st March. However, if I click Send, it sends the invoice straight away, if I click save, it saves the invoice as a draft and never sends it.

I can’t see any options to do this - am I missing something?



System Settings > Invoices > Email Settings > Automatically Email recurring invoices

The first invoice you create and make recurring is your base invoice. You can leave it as a draft if you want, it is more a template for all upcoming invoices. Once the date is reached the system will generate a copy of the invoice. If you enabled the mentioned setting it will send the invoice directly. If not, it will just generate a draft.


That makes sense - thanks! :slight_smile:


Excuse me can you help me?. I have same issue. Reccurring invoice are working and Already activate “Automatically Email recurring invoices” settings but the system doesn´t not send e-mail

PD: if i send a e-mail manually it works

Thank you in advance