Google blocking our emails

Google is blocking our emails that contain the guest URL
This is causing us problems as most of our clients use Gmail and pay via paypal.

Strange that google is blocking the guest URL.
Normally it’s caused by your server configuration (maybe a problem with a configuration ?) or just your URL which is blacklisted on a third party blacklist ?

Have you got the bounce message ?

We are using google SMTP and emails work ok but if you add the guest URL it gets blocked.
Do you know how we could put a live link on the PDF we are now adding the guest URL to the Invoice Terms space but its not a live link

But do you have any message to say it’s blocked ? Have you checked the URL of your InvoicePlane in multiple blacklists ?

No the URL is not blacklisted.
The email only gets blocked when we add the guest URL

Quote from the linked support article Fix bounced or rejected emails - Gmail Help

Also from the Google link.
And the bounce only happens when we include the guest URL in the email.
So Google dose not like us sending links !!!

BlockquoteOther errors
“Message flagged as spam” or “Message temporarily rejected”
Why your message bounced
Your message text or links look suspicious
You added a large group of recipients to “Cc” or “Bcc”
What you can do
Remove links to websites asking for personal information
If you’re emailing a large group, create a Google Group, then email that group
Report the problem

That’s so strange.
Need to test, during this time can you report the problem to Google ?

We did report it to Google but as yet no reply from them I will let you know what they say.

Google never responds (or only for rare cases). I work as a web dev but for an email marketing company so I can tell you they won’t answer (doesn’t mean they won’t change something !)

I will try to test as soon as possible.
You use specific smtp ? From your own server ? From a personal gmail account ? From an ISP ?

We are using Google SMTP


See the following article that outlines how you are set up to send mail. If you follow these guidelines, you may avoid Google seeing your mails as suspicious.

A few highlights:

Make sure you are authenticating correctly with your smtp server (and not sending mail unauthenticated)
Make the neccesary dns changes
Use the troubleshooter in the bottom of the article I mentioned.