Merchant Sign-Up/Multi-User Levels

Dear Team,
Please I need assistance here with this project I’m trying to use Invoice Plane to achieve.

  1. Sign-up page
    I want different merchants to sign up to use Invoice Plane for their respective customers. They would create a login credential for themselves, enter their own company details and other settings. They would have access to only their own clients and not for the other merchants (some sort of multi-tenancy arrangement).

  2. Multi-Level Users’ Access
    I want to have multiple users with the following user access roles

a. Super Admin: Have oversight view on all (merchants - Admin, Data Entry Staff - Sub Admin, Clients - Users, Payment Processor - Cashier). Each of these user levels would have permissions to certain part of the platform as would be explained below.

b. Admin (Merchants): The merchant signs up to use the platform and can generate bills to send to clients (users). They can also create their own sub-admin (Data Entry) to delegate the function of generating invoices or quotes, print or view only invoices, create clients etc as maybe delegated by the merchant to act on their behalf.

c. Sub Admin (Data Entry): The merchant creates these users and delegate to them functions as described above.

d. Users (Clients): The client views, prints and pays for invoices received using either the cash deposit through the Payment Processor (Cashier) or using the card payment options.

e. Payment Processor (Cashier): This user is created by Super Admin on the platform and assigns to the role processing of payments strictly. A parent entity is first created eg Bank (Bank of America) and to it is attached the Payment Processor (Cashier). The Bank is assigned merchants for whom they can process invoice payments on their behalf. With this role, it ultimately removes the ‘Payment by cash’ option currently available to the Admin to update on behalf of the client.

I know this is enormous and I also see work has began on the multiple level of access through IPT-8 but I don’t know how fitting it would be with this but would be ready to motivate anyone ready to assist on this.

Thank you.

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