product_ID risks of modifying already sold products through HeidiSQL?

Good day everybody,

I’m new to the community, and since december migrated my clients and products to invoiceplane instead of an expensive hosted external invoiceprovider.

You can add products through the program itself, but also external programs like MariaDB provides a very good job.

I was in a rush and manually added products through mariaDB, which were sold in the begin of januari.

But i want to categorise my products better, having the product_ID sorted by brand, 0-100 Brother Cartridges, 101-200 Canon, 201-300Epson and 301-400 HP cartridges

Now those ranges are mixed up with items i had to add quickly, having some HP cartridges in the 0-100 range. I want to sort them out correctly

What is the risk? Or is it save to edit the product_id number and does it afflect already created invoices? Or are they saved in ip_invoice_items and can i modify unendingly?!

The product_id column is an auto-incrementing identifier inside the database and usually not used anywhere else. I recommend using the Product SKU field for any product-specific numbering.

Good day Kovah,

Thanks for the reply. I edited the title of this topic, because i meant HeidiSQL instead of MariaDB.

The SKU field i already used for the barcode of my article, so that’s not an option for me.

But i like the excelstyle of managing my products, having an overview in the blink of an eye. This instead of editing everything through the web

I already used these items in one of my invoices this year, so i don’t know if it’s safe to edit the ID to have them sort out correctly, without messing up existing invoices…

First, HeidiSQL is not tested so I cannot assure that IP will work with it.

Then changing the values for the products should work but if you have either to modify the index for the products table to match the next product ID or change the product ID manually after you created a new product. I cannot think of an easier way to modify InvoicePlane to match your requirements.

Good afternoon Kovak,

Currently I am testing Heidi with IP, and it works like a breeze. Not yet run into conflicts, because I’m the only user approaching the database, through Heidi or IP, and not yet encountered problems / errors.

Mutations in descriptions, for examples are, when changed in Heidi, almost immediately visible in IP. (ofcourse after F5 / refreshing the page)

I think, after trying with a small test-invoice, and then editing the productID in Heidi, as far as i can see now, the invoice still shows up correctly. Thus imho “saved” invoices are not calling up the IP_products fields, because after changing the product_ID the item still appears in the invoice.