Getting weird & different errors everytime

Dear Kovah,
I am getting different errors when i try to use it after successful installation. When i refresh the page it keeps showing different errors. I am not sure what is the problem. I tried installing the script again but I am getting the errors.

Installation finishes with no errors. But when I login and set the settings of email under system settings, say PHP Mailer. Now when i try to send invoice details by email, it takes little time to submit and suddenly it throws error. Now second time if i try again it throws me different errors other than errors shown in first time. I am not sure how to fix the errors.

I have taken the snapshot of the errors but I think I cant upload and post it here due to restrictions on uploading. I have uploaded the images here please see and guide me how can i get rid of these errors.

Many thanks,

Hi Rahul,

check this link:Stackoverflow

This could solve your problem! Because based on your screenshots this is the same problem!


Dear Pitma,

Thanks for the reply. I have gone through the stackoverflow thread but it has gone above my head as I am UI designer and not good at coding although. Do I have to make changes in code or I have to do something with database here?

Is there anyone can help me in this? I am unable to figure-out how to correct the problem.


okay, lets start at the beginning! What kind of webserver do you use? is it locally installed? or is it a hosted somewhere else? Would be great if you could give me some information! What OS do you use?


Thanks for the reply. I am using Hosted Linux Shared Hosting (Apache) and I’ve installed it in directory “invoice”.
Based on your last post, i tried on my level to fix the problem but no luck.