1.5.6 Can't delete items and invoices and can't create new invoices



i have update IP.

I had created an invoice before the update.
And there, on this bill I created a line, I registered and I can not delete it …

I have the message ““
404 Page Not Found
The page you requested was not found.
”” "

I redo an update just in case?

Can't Delete an Invoice or a line Item
Page not found delete page
1.5.6 - Cannot Create Invoice

Same having redone the update …

I notice in fact that all the drop-down menus on the top banner do not work anymore …

I emptied the browser cache.


If it helps



I lost links to create invoices and quotes :cry:


Hello @TechInfo,

You didn’t loose the links. The links weren’t there. It’s working with jQuery.

I didn’t checked the last updates of invoiceplane, but try to use CTRL+F5 (force refresh) in your browser and then try again to delete the invoice.

The bug it’s still there?


Strangely, this morning without doing an action, the drop-down menus and links to create a new invoice and quote have returned to OK.

I emptied the cache again but I still can not delete the product line from the invoice (and not the invoice).

I will test on a new bill.


I can’t create a new bill…
"The app seems stuck due to an error."
But it’s not a log out of the account because I can close the error and do something else.

I can create a new user but I can not delete it => "404 Page Not Found
The page you requested was not found. " with the “Delete” button in the customer card directly.

But I can delete it from the drop-down menu right here /clients/status/active


Same thing here after upgrade to 1.5.6.

Delete line item on invoice = 404 error
Delete invoice = 404 error


It is correct, that some actions throw a 404 error because the way items are deleted changed 180° in version 1.5.6.
Please post the exact location where deletion is throwing a 404 error.

Corresponding ticket: https://development.invoiceplane.com/browse/IP-649

Technical Background: URLs like /index.php/invoices/delete/115 will never work again as simple HTTP GET requests. This is a security feature. Invoices can now only be deleted if it’s a POST request that also contains the CSRF token.


This for an item : /index.php/invoices/delete_item/115/450
For an invoice : /index.php/invoices/delete/115

I hope is what you want


Same here: After update v1.5.4 -> v1.5.6:

/invoices/delete_item/415/1541 -> 404 Page Not Found
/invoices/delete/415 -> 404 Page Not Found

It’s the same with quotes:
/quotes/delete_item/41/392 -> 404 Page Not Found
/quotes/delete/41 -> 404 Page Not Found



@TechInfo @cpu4you If you get this error from anywhere in the application please give me the location where you pressed the delete button. Posting the URL will not help.



InvoicePlane 1.5.6 released

@TechInfo: We can 100% confirm your posting!







Can Confirm as well, I had the same issue with 1.5.6, downgraded back to 1.5.4 via backups without issue.


@erilidon Dont know if i should downgrade or wait till update with fix. :neutral_face:


New version will be released later this day.



I’m having exactly the same issue, but with 1.5.7 - when I try to create a new invoice, i just get "It seems that the application stuck because of an error."
In the logs are these errors:

ERROR - 2018-02-20 12:37:09 --> Could not find the language line "view_payment_logs"
ERROR - 2018-02-20 12:38:02 --> Could not find the language line "smtp_mail_from"
ERROR - 2018-02-20 12:38:02 --> Could not find the language line "view_payment_logs"
ERROR - 2018-02-20 12:38:19 --> Could not find the language line "smtp_mail_from"
ERROR - 2018-02-20 12:38:25 --> Could not find the language line "view_payment_logs"

Upgrade (index.php/setup) completed without any errors, tried a few times… I’m running Debian Stretch (9) with php7.

EDIT: Forget it - seems to be a browser issue - with another browser it does seem to work fine…