Credit Invoice in version 1.5.6


I’m testing credit invoices in version 1.5.6 (never tried this in previous versions…)
What I see is when I create a credit invoice from a previouds sent invoice, a new ‘invoice’ is created that looks exactly like the original. The name is Invoice xxxx. The amounts are positive values… A customer cannot distinct it from a new invoice i would say.

I would expect using a different template stating this is a Credit Invoice, no open amount showing, different text in the e-mail template etc…

Did i miss something here? Do I have to configure something before i can use this Credit Invoice function?

Regards, Benny.

How-to works create credit invoice ? The invoice created by the credit invoice option does not different from the source one.
The difference is only in the entries to the database, negative invoice_sign and added entry to creditinvoice_paren_id. invoices values are the same.

Added a new ticket for this: