Payment handler in 1.5.6

Hi Kovah,
First of all many thanks for the new version 1.5.6 of IP. I just upgraded from 1.5.4 to 1.5.6.
I found that the payment handler is not working for Mollie payments. I followed the discussion earlier about modifications for Mollie payments and used the modification published by laemol (topic/4625/23) in version 1.5.4.
I am not sure, but i thought that these modifications were also done in Github (???) so my question is, did you use the latest Omnipay from github for ip 1.5.6 because Mollie payments did not work in 1.5.6 and i had to use the earlier modification.

Regards, Benny.

The fix will be implemented in version 1.6.0.