Custom field cross-talk

  • I created a custom field ‘Has_Been_Edited’ in ‘Clients’ to store the fact that the client data was edited or not.
  • It is a boolean field as this seems logic
  • When I set the value of ‘Has_Been_Edited’ to ‘false’ in the client form and show debug info in my invoice PDF to review custom fields at the end of the PDF I get the expected value=0
  • when I set to ‘true’ in the client form and look at the debug info, the value is not set to ‘1’ as expected but instead to the value of a single-choice list for the unrelated ‘quote’ custom field ‘project-type’ value=‘Standard (VIB coll)’
  • furthermore, the obtained value is not the value set for the true custom field ‘quote’ ‘project-type’ =‘Standard (VIB)’


  • can it be that the value of ‘1’ is replaced with the first value of the unrelated field ‘project-type’?
  • where could this cross-talk be taking place in the code?

I attach a print of the custom fields in the PDF with color in key places.

Wow, that sounds quite strange. May be a bug in the function that outputs the field values.

Is solved in version 1.5.8.

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