Family options in invoice and quote

Would it be possible to add product family options for quotes and invoices, just like the “invoice->client” settings.

This would allow for eaily organized invoices and quotes with subtotals per family.

Last Update: 2018-01-28

Just to get this right: do you want to group items inside quotes / invoices per family?

Correct. On the image you can see how we would prefer it (made in word :frowning: ), with a subsection per family with its own total, and the to have these subtotals be accessible for custom discounts and so on.

This sounds interesting to me, too.

You could group items like:

  • license costs
  • one time costs
  • annual returning costs
  • consulting costs

Either group it by product familiy or any other kind.

I would not require to add sub totals but it might also be interesting to group the index numbers like so:

  1. hardware
    1.1 Harddisk 100€
    1.2 Monitor 200€

  2. Software
    2.1 GNU/Linux 0€
    2.2 Windows 10 100€

  3. Consulting 200€

Yes, maybe add a native functionality for family grouping, and something alongthe lines of «custom_groups» just like the «custom_fields» functionality?

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