'filter quotes' only takes family name, not first name as query

Apparently, in ‘Quote View’, I can find a quote by part of its ID or part of the family name of the client across all existing quotes (even pages below) but NOT using part of the client ‘first name’.

(Where)/Can we make that the Find in quote also searches the first name (surname field)?


BTW, surname means ‘family name’ but is used in the database to store ‘first name’, I switched the field descriptors in the Client form in order to be correct.

v1.5; added ‘LOWER(client_surname),’ in the function ‘filter_invoices’ in application/modules/filter/controllers/Ajax.php

l30: $this->mdl_invoices->like(“CONCAT_WS(’^’,LOWER(invoice_number),invoice_date_created,invoice_date_due,LOWER(client_name),LOWER(client_surname),invoice_total,invoice_balance)”, $keyword);

  • same edit in the ‘filter_quotes’ function


This solves the problem? Sounds a bit weird

it does not correct the swap between first and last name but only allows filtering quotes or invoices by ‘first name’ which is not possible on the 1.5 fresh install code version. My edit is really minor, the difficult part was to identify the php file that needed edit.
I tried as well to filter by custom field columns but failed to adapt the php code to do that.