Recovery password not works but invoice sent correctly

What is problem ?
I setting email method to SMTP, invoice send correct but forgot password not with error message
An error occurred while trying to send your password reset email. Please review the application logs or contact the system administrator.

regards slawekdw

Do this. Can’t help you without any logs.

No logs with debug mode,
i found bug in Sessions.php file, line
$email_from = ‘system@’ . preg_replace("/^[\w]{2,6}://([\w\d.-]+).*$/", “$1”, base_url());

replace to $email_from = $email;

because secure mail systems will not let you send e-mail to other users like what you are logging in
This method ok for user mail settinga as SMTP

How to settings phpmail ?

This looks similar to IP-596, Password Reset not honouring IP mail settings. The password reset function is using PHPMail instead of SMTP.