Client Select in create quote or invoice modal empty

Hi All,

On the version 1.5.5, the client select on quote and invoice modal is not working.
I do have no js errors, or simple error appearing.

Any hint ?

I did solve it in application/modules/quotes/views/modal_create_quote.php

Replacing :

                        <?php if (!empty($client)) : ?>
                            <option value="<?php echo $client->client_id; ?>"><?php _htmlsc(format_client($client)); ?></option>
                        <?php endif; ?>


<select name="client_id" id="create_quote_client_id" class="form-control" autofocus="autofocus">
                    foreach ($clients as $client) {
                        echo "<option value=\"" . $client->client_id . "\" ";
                        echo ">" . htmlsc(format_client($client)) . "</option>";

Were you able to type anything at all in the box? You need to type at least two characters from the client name before any client names appear.


Hi Twoup,
Yes. Not able to find anythink in the select.
It displaying a ‘s’ if i do click on it like ont the picture.
Are u able to display the same bug (if it is) ?


I can’t replicate the error on any of my environments. The modal is working as expected on all three boxes. I have no idea where the “s” is coming from - very strange behaviour!

The bottom text is replaced with a list of client names when I enter two characters.

I think it’s is an Ajax error reply. I saw than once in a dev.
And i was forced to remove the CSS class from the select to make it work.
even if i do replace all, without changing the css there is nothing coming (only the first record).

That is really strange (and intriguing!). Can you enable Debug Mode, try using the client select modal then post the debug log to the paste site please? Remember to remove domain name details and obsuscate and installation paths!