Background image or margin hides footer

On Invoiceplane 1.5.5

Using a background image
background: url("");background-image-resize:6;

The Footer is defined in the invoiceplane backend -> settings -> invoice. When I remove the background, the footer is visible.
When I add to my @page: first { margin-top: …; the footer is again gone. So using a background-image or setting the margin kills the footer. Why is that?
Can someone confirm this as a bug?

This sound more like an mPDF bug or so. (mPDF is the PDF processor we use)

ah okay. Will take look on the issues there, maybe submit one. Thanks

@Kovah Hey guys, can you please swap out mpdf with any other pdf generating tool? For me invoiceplane is not usable at all right now with this. As soon as I set a background image or a margin on @page the footer gets hidden. I do also had to manually edit the mpdf source to get rid of one other error regarding the margins:
I opened this issue in January as you can see, no we are in April and still nothing, mpdf is buggy as hell.

Sorry to hear that it’s not working well for you. If you know a library with similar features that works better feel free to propose it. For the moment I did not plan to move to another library.

In case we have to discuss about it in the future :

I hope there will be discussions about that. Mpdf is really unacceptable