Sync invoiceplane contacts to microsoft outlook

has anyone sync the invoiceplane contacts to microsoft office as yet. if it can be done please let me know how.

This is possible, though it would be quite involved (exporting contacts to CSV, wrangling the CSV in a spreadsheet app to remove irrelevant data and add required data), then importing via the CLI on the server.

It has been a while since I worked with Outlook, but from memory it will export most of the necessary data for IP - but not everything. It all sounds straightforward, but in reality you are looking at least a couple of hours work. Depending on how many contacts you would like to import, it might be easier to manually add them.

How many contacts do you need to import, and how frequently do you need to import them? Will you need to update and amend records via the same method to prevent duplicate clients in IP? These would all make the mission much more difficult!