Problems installing InvoicePlane on Amazon AWS Ubunto 16.04

Hey all,

I’ve an Ubuntu 16.04 running on Amazon AWS EC2.
I’m trying to install the latest InvoicePlane version and I’ve encountered a problem where the setup is trying to direct me to the internal IP of the server, therefore not loading the setup.

So the situation is like this:

I’ve set up a database with user and pass and configured them in my ipconfig.php.
I’ve placed the files in a subfolder named Invoice so i’ve edited my .htaccess appropriately as necessary and also configured the ipconfig.php and config.php accordingly.

With Amazon AWS the server has a public IPv4 address and also an internal ip address.
when I’m trying to access to my

the browser is stuck for a few seconds and then brings me to a

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

But this ip that is displayed is the server’s internal ip.
So obviously i’ve to configure somewhere the public ip, but I just have no idea where it’s pulling this ip in the first place.

Would be super great if anyone can shed some light on the matter.
Many thanks.

This does not sound like you read the wiki and followed the installation instructions. Which config.php did you edit?!

  1. Open your ipconfig.php file and set the domain. Nothing else!
  2. Open your domain in the browser and IP should either open the setup or the splash page with the link to the setup.
  3. Follow the setup.
  4. Done.