Invoice total error due to tax rate

First happy to be among you.
My problem is the following:
the tax rate is counted twice, so the total is not correct. I explain more;
if the tax rate is 10 dollars, and the sub-total is 20 dollars, normally the total should be 30 dollars, but in my case the total is 40 dollars because the tax rate is calculated twice!
Do you know how to fix this? I did all the manipulations in the admin area but with no success!
thank you in advance
Yours ever,

Hi @walid

what is your tax rate? 50%

1 Item = 20$
tax rate 50% = 10$
total 30$ …

If this is your testcase it worked for me

Or did I missunderstand your case?


thank you for your quick reply.

the rate is 19% (germany)
for example if an article is 20€, then tax rate will be 3.8 €; so the total will be 23.8€, but i get 27.6€ (20 + (3.8*2))
so it is counted twice!

mmmh I can’t reproduce the issue!

which version have installed?

I assume you didn’t do anything just create a new invoice. If this is just a test environment please try to start from scratch and reinstall everything, but I can’t image a case where the core files would do somehting like this!

But we’re talking about the invoice overview, not the pdf views? Could you attach a screenshot of the issue?


HI Pitma,
I found the problem, but I think it will surprise you:
If I go to settings-taxes and then I select any of the three options and selelct the tax, then the problem occur!
if I put all the 3 to “None” then it is ok as i will select manually the tax rate when I am creating the new invoice!
If i didn’t explain well, let me know i can add schreenshots for clarification.
yours ever,

Good to hear you found the reason!

Well, this is a little bit confusing, but that way you can control where the tax should be calculated!

per item or per invoice!

Have fun!

@Kovah can be closed

both per item and invoice…
I think that the problems lies here:
there are twi tables in the invoice creation page:
in the first table there is the Tax rate, in the second table, there is the invoice tax
in the total (balanceà the calculation of the total is made of the subtotal + those two taxes if one of the 3 options I told you is active!
I looked into the files but can’t figure which onne to delete:) so maybe it is something to look for if you have time.
thank you for your patience.